What is hydroxy?

Our actionsHydroxy is simply a gas mixture, just like air is, but constituted with different elements. Namely two part hydrogen for one oxygen, just as the proportion we find in water: H2O.

Hydroxy gas is the result of the electrolysis of water, i.e. passing an electrical current through water. This process turns the bound water/H2O molecule into the free HHO atoms which will, in the biggest proportion, almost immediately recombine to the more stable form, H2 and O2.

However, according to some researchers there is still a small percentage of the gases that does not recombine immediately to H2 and O2. In this small percentage we will find some monoatomic H and O. This is one theory, another postulate that some other « exotic » molecules or « magnecule » are being created as the Santilli report has observed. These « exotic molecules » or monoatomic element are what makes hydroxy seemingly different from bottled O2 and H2. In the industry it is often referred to as « newborn hydrogen » while others refer to it as hho or Brown’s gas.

While this is being figured out, we just use it for the benefits it provides!