Why hydroxy?

Our actionsHydroxy Gas is produced on demand from water. When the gas is combusted its only exhaust will be water vapor. So we are basically recycling our resource as we are using it, how could we go any greener?! This means no carbon dioxide or monoxide, no NOx, nothing! Hydroxy gas is the cleanest gas to burn with an exhaust of absolutely clean water with no suits, or particle. This makes the hydroxy gas perfect for applications that require clean heat like flame polishing on acrylic or even heating the air of your home or cooking your food without worries about exterior exhaust systems or odors brought by propane or natural gas combustion.

Hydrogen is the best and most efficient energy carrier ever. It has the biggest amount of energy by weight out of every other combustible gas. Every fuels, be it diesel, gasoline, natural gas, propane, butane, etc. are all carbon chains of a certain length linked together by hydrogen atoms. The length of the chain determine the name and fuel type. Used in conjunction with gasoline into your vehicle it acts as a catalyst that optimizes the combustion and results in cleaner emissions, reduced fuel costs and reduced oil maintenance.

Hydrogen is the first element, the lightest, the simplest and the most abundant of all elements in the whole universe. It is so to speak matter’s first building bricks. Hydrogen has also the hottest burning temperature of the whole gaseous state element. Its temperature is equal to sun’s surface… which is not a coincidence since the sun burns hydrogen…

Hydroxy gas is produced on demand as you, the user, need it. This means no storage, no high-pressure bottles, no big explosion risk, no gas bottle exchange, no gas fee, no dangerous matters storage and so on. The only thing the user needs to do is ensure that there is water in the tank and that the unit is powered with the appropriate electrical intput.