Our vision

Our visionIt is recognized that hydrogen is the energy carrier of the future. It is also our opinion. Hydrogen is the most abundant element in the universe so why not focus on how to isolate or extract it and use it to its full potential?

Nowadays we talk about the need for a clean energy source, but the hydrogen already has all these characteristics. Why look far now? We believe that the answers to our energy and environmental problems are just there before our eyes.

The Hydroxy Energy mission is to create ever more performant systems, reliable, safe, but especially EFFICIENTLY. We believe that there is a way to extract the hydroxy from water in a over-unity way, that is to say, have more energy available in the form of hydrogen that we spent in electricity to disassociate it from its H2O form.

Some will see chimeras, will not believe it is possible and say perpetual motion is impossible. Most scientists loudly brandish the 2nd law of thermodynamics. Yet no one can explain why the electron spins incessantly, without tiring, without slowing down around its core since 4.6 billion years. Or why the planets who orbit the sun never slows down or does not fall slowly but surely to the sun which attract them with phenomenal gravity force... If these simple illustrations are not examples of perpetual motion, at least this is a movement that lasted for millions, see billions of years ... from the point of view of a human life, we dare say that it is a perpetual motion. We believe that it is possible to understand the secrets of nature and to achieve she does, after all, we are nature too. As much as we want to believe ourselves superior to her, she will always have the last word...!

That said, with such a technology, how would human life on this planet look? Free energy for all, which mean no more electricity or gas bill.  You know have the possibility of running a greenhouse all year long in your backyard and to grow bananas in it if you want . There is the ability to feed all the people of the earth, in fact this possibility already exist but our government choose to go to war instead. The possibility of not working 40 hours a week in a job you do not like, but to use the time we have on this planet to experience things that we are really passionate about, and this without fear of missing anything ... In short, we believe it is possible to create a paradise on earth for all.

Money is not the bottom line of our company, it is a means of achieving this vision that drives us and that drives more and more people on this planet every day. It is a way to provide the tools to get there. We believe that the goal of any company, corporation or government should be to improve the living conditions of its customers by its products or services.