Our mission and history

Our missionOur Mission:

Our mission at Hydroxy Energy inc. is to always be on the cutting edge at developing, designing and manufacturing hydroxy generating system of all sizes and for all applications.

Who we are and a bit of history:

We are based in the province of Quebec, the french part of Canada. Hydroxy Energy inc. is incorporated since 2009. Our business has been so far mostly focused on research and development first for ourselves then for others companies.

At first we were into the fuel saving devices for cars and trucks with systems of all kinds, including fuel cells systems, exhaust heat converter to electricity devices to feed fuel cells, fuel heaters and car computer programming. Although this part has been set aside for now because of the inconsistency of the results and/or too much work involved to get consistency. But still it is a path that we will surely re-address in the future. Also with its spare time our product developer has built many sizes and versions of hydroxy generating systems to feed torch for metal cutting and welding.

Since two years, a new partner has shown up and financed our operation with the focus on what consistently works: our hydroxy generating systems for torches application. We built many sizes of systems with different gas production capacity to address the panoply of gas application torch out on the market: dental labs, radiator soldering, garage shop, light and heavy steel cutting, craftsmanship, jewelry and so on. We bring the same advantages in each market: economy, clean and odorless environment, increased productivity, more security and less expense in gas stocking and feeding.

We recently applied for our first patent on our electrolysers which we believe will redefine the simplicity, efficiency, reliability and security of the hydroxy generation industry. We are patent pending on this issue and more patent will follow as we are already ahead of this one.

Based on all these previous tests and many versions we built and pushed to the limit we’ve come up with the cream of the cream: the “Green Gas Generator” or G3 serie.

So here we are launching the first product the G3 line: the G3-100!