Our mission at Hydroxy Energy inc. is to always be on the cutting edge at developing, designing and manufacturing Hydroxy generating system of all sizes and for all applications.

Hydroxy is a gas mixture of hydrogen and oxygen evolved from the electrolysis of water. It is also known as oxy-hydrogen, hho or Brown’s gas.

Basically our gas comes from the cleanest, cheapest, most abundant, most versatile, and most efficient fuel Mother Nature gave us: Water! 

Excellency, performance, reliability and security are key points in our hydroxy generating systems. We always thrive to push theses established limits beyond in the development of our product.

On the other hand, responding exactly to today’s market needs, solid personalized customer’s support and satisfaction are the miles stones of our establishment.

Our systems provides economy, sustainability, and clean environment to the people and industry that uses them. Never pay again for a bottle of acetylene, propane or any other combustible gas for your application needs. No more stocking of these explosives, dangerous and pollutant gases, with our systems you produce the gas on demand where and when you need it.

Thank you for your interest and we hope you enjoy visiting our website.

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